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August Blog

Hello world, This is my first official monthly newsletter.

So, it’s gonna be likely wordy, but in time I’ll get better.

Its purpose is to have a chance for me share what I have to offer and to offer the opportunity for those who are interested in vibing with me in wellness work to get to know more about how I see the subject of taking care of oneself and learn how I can support them.

I’ve never been “active” in communicating online per say. Many who know me in real life often identify me as a vibrant and confident person. However, what most don’t know is that in truth, I have been quite shy about promoting what I can do. For years I have felt uncomfortable suggesting I’m the best at what I do. You see, a true healer is ultimately humble, therefore my internal idea was that it is not ethical for me to toot my own horn. Plus, my clients and I have always found one another and I was happy to do my work each time, as it was, meant to be in perfect design.

With our changing global landscape these days, I personally recognize this is the ideal time for making peace with this channel of communication and to be able to share more of what I have to contribute to more receptive beings. I’m ready for the challenge!

Facing our fears, embracing personal evolution, committing to a sense of purpose, identifying essential values, stepping out of comfort zones and finding my own groove are things I’ve contemplated quite a lot lately as I find my new norm in a post – Covid world.

My choice is to face my own fears and focus on how I can serve.

Here is what I have going on:


I am in the process of taking my yoga teacher training. Upon completion I will be able to teach Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Prenatal, Nidra and ashtanga. My focus is very much to learn in order to guide people to truly break down a pose into a familiar form in their own bodies. Helping them finding peace, space and alignment and a true connection to the subtler yoga bodies, including the vital practice of breathwork. I will be bringing my customized yoga pose sequence programs to women, men, youth, child, elders, and everyone else in between.

My style is still evolving, but one element has become quite clear for me at this time, is I’ll be teaching incorporating sound healing into my classes via music, voice, and/ or other energy enhancing instruments during my classes.

I am very excited to be on the forefront of identifying my own rituals within this awakening path and can’t wait to share more as I move along. I can confirm that I am gearing to offer classes virtually, as soon as I feel ready. In the meantime, I will share regularly about some of the vital lessons I receive from yoga as a student, in order to inspire and awaken new internal insights in my community.

First inspiration from my yoga training: It is the mission of each yoga instructor to teach each student in such a way that their student becomes an even better instructor than they were.

This is deeply moving for me, as my mission is to empower. Thank you yoga. Namaste


I was recently completely blown away by a new wellness program modality that I experienced in class, as a student in Nicaragua this winter 2019 at a wellness retreat oasis owned and operated via one of my favourite wellness peers at Gracious living oasis. One of the instructors in our retreat program was hosting classes using these glorious natural wooden blocks (similar to a yoga block, if you can picture it).

The class consisted of us, the participants laying on a yoga mat, much like in a yoga class, while the instructor (my boy and talented block therapy instructor Chris Prado) explained the powerful fascial body system (a system that not only massage therapists, but also physiotherapists are familiar with). He also gave us a series of poses where we laid our bodies in different ways onto this wonderful natural material block. Being in these targeted and very specific poses ultimately resulted in us getting into our breath, deepening into our pain-body awareness and connection, releasing layers and layers of fascial restrictions and their attached traumas (yes, we all have these) in a relaxed and almost meditative state.

I can’t tell you what an impact this had on me. I got off that block and all I knew is I wanted to dive in deeper. I left the 12 day retreat after 8 full classes (a full class is 1.15-90 mins in length typically, although one can work with the block for as little as 15 minutes or so, for targeted areas) and after some personal time with Chris, knowing this is the type of personal wellness modality I need to share with my clients and community.

As I learn how to instruct, this is a method I currently use to heal my own body on a day to day basis, in the comfort of my home with my own block.

This is a Game changer, and that’s legit!

Take a look at my block therapy page and explore my journey. I can almost jump out of my seat when I write about it, even now. If any of you would like your own block to use at home, I can guide you to take that step for now, even while I study. For now, go here to take a look at ordering your block


Yup, it’s that time. Virtual wellness services are being built for my offerings as we speak! I am very passionate about building simple easy to follow instructional content that my community and clients can follow at home, with my support and guidance. My mission is to empower others to find out what they need in their wellness routines and to help by giving my inside scoop, my professional industry instruction, also to help to find the right tools and products (holistic and natural sector)  to compliment the actions. To provide instruction, and also emotional and mental support as well as soulful, loving support, and ultimately help others to be able to take care of their own holistic health routines in confidence.

More on this very soon, I am gearing up to kick off the first installment of virtual tutorials this coming fall 2020.


Becoming a mother did change me. As everyone told me it would. The evolution of who I am and how I found my groove is a day to day discovery, and it is a subject I have become deeply connected to.

One thing that came out of this process and has rolled into my work, is my deep dedication and calling to support mothers in my community and network, and to welcome not only babies (who are precious in every way) but also to uplift, honour, nurture and ultimately give my support and love to mothers as they enter their new role. I am able to support them when they prepare for and also give birth, and thereafter, when times are tricky, fast moving, where the body and spirit needs healing, and they all need so much community support. I am taking my Doula certification course. In addition I have some unique service offerings for moms to be as well as new mamas, which I’ll share in my next post on my blog, putting the spotlight on mamas and babies in their new time of getting to know each other in their journey as a united whole. For now I share my genuine love and thanks to all mamas and their brave babies, who found each other’s souls and became a trusting everflowing one synergistic whole of evolution.

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