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Recipe “Rx”

Recipe “Rx”

Consider this your whole food “prescription”, tailor-made to support your health and reach your assessed dietary goals. Unlike a meal plan, which is merely a daily meal schedule, this is your own personal cookbook, customized for your individual needs and preferences. Good health begins in the kitchen, a paradigm and practice my family elders raised me to follow (and they live by example, as my 90 year old Gran would attest to.) Let me bring my lifelong knowledge and up-to-the minute nutrition science into your kitchen.


30 minute initial intake consultation and lifestyle assessment (virtual)
30 recipes – a mix of breakfast, snacks, mains, smoothies and / juices amd herbal tea
Nutritional values and calories per recipe
Instructions for each recipe
Shopping & kitchen tools lists
Select modification options

Price $120

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Pep in your prep
Wholey Fridge, Wholesome kitchen

Pep in Your Prep

Intimidated by kitchen tools? Daunted by dinner planning? We got this! I’m your cheerleader and instructor rolled into one. Let’s meet in your kitchen as I guide you to execute your chosen dishes, using your available kitchen tools and pantry ingredients. You pick the amount of time you wish to spend working together, and I’ll cover as much as we can within the time you select.

During our intake process, I’ll show you how to identify and prepare what will be required for the big day. Please have your ingredients and tools ready for our time together for optimal use of time. Go team!

Virtual live
(includes access to the recorded live version)

30 min $50
45 min $60
1 hour $75


2 hour workshop
$200 (some additional travel and setup time costs may apply.)

Wholey Fridge, Wholesome Kitchen

We’re going to converge in your kitchen and take a deep peek to see what kitchen tools and pantry items you have and/or need. I’ll show you how to optimize your food prep, cooking process and storage protocols. We re-work your cupboards, tools, pantry basics, spices, and equipment for maximum health and minimum waste. You’ll be amazed at how many of the items you already possess can be multi-functional, plus we’ll address what items can be edited. I promise we will create your perfect kitchen to suit your nutrition and food prep goals, making your kitchen a place you’ll look forward to enjoying, as well as the meals you prepare. Whole-isitc indeed!

Format: Virtual live via joint video recorded and post meeting copy sent to participant

30 min 50
45 min 60
1 hour 75

Mobile workshop

All of the above with me in your home as we tackle a major overhaul in person.
2 hours $200 plus travel cost

COMBO : Kitchen ReBoot Camp

A combination of customized Pep in Your Prep & Whole Food, Whole Kitchen workshops.

Don’t be shy– I’ll take a peek in your pantry, check out your cupboards and assess your kitchen setup. From there, I teach how to improve uses of what you have, work to let go/replace and/or obtain new tools to support your health, dietary, and lifestyle goals.


4 separate sessions of 1 hour time slots scheduled at your convenience, must be completed within a 72 hour window
Recorded sessions are sent to client post sessions.
Recipes, tools, and protocol recommendations included pre and post session
Paid upfront or in 2 installments



4 hour /half day $350 ( additional travel and setup cost may apply)
Recipes, tools list recommendations and knowledge information included in prep and post session

Meal plans
( clinical assessment may be required and recommended )


A 7 day breakdown of all your meals including snacks with all calories and nutritional breakdowns for your use and filing.
includes Pre week consultation 30 min virtual



Your plan is laid out in a weekly format of custom curated foods to suit your health goal and or assessment ( clinical assessment / test recommended before requesting meal plans )
All nutritional values and calories listed
Shopping list
Food prep instructions
Recipe book format included
bi weekly 15 min follow – up included


Seasonal / 3 months/ 90 days

Meal plan format same as monthly
Includes a bi- weekly 15 min check-in chat
Bonuses included :
1 comp monthly zoom small group class
1 comp monthly small group workout
20 % discount on available services by Aniko virtual and mobile during the program time, for you and for one other person whom you’d like to refer to any services available.

$825 ( paid in 3 equal increments first of each month )

*Compassionate pricing may apply to you, please reach me to explore.
* prices not including applicable taxes or voluntary gratuities

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