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Massage & Facials - Sale



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– Holistic “Body-work” Massage a la carte –

$95/hr  –  $130/90 min  –  $170/2hr

Incorporates styles of Swedish + deep tissue + Shiatsu + Acupressure + Compressions + Thai Stretch & Mobilization affecting the body’s surface & deep tissues. This sequence works on the body’s meridian lines, chakras, organs & nervous system. Essential oils can/ may be used based upon request (Please specify any sensitivity).

– Holistic “Skin-care” Facials a la cart –

$95/hr  –  $130/90 min  –  $170/2hr

Customized for the client. No machines used, just intentional and focused manual hand compressing, movement and natural tools. We use a high quality varied curation of natural + fresh food product & ingredients incorporating rhythmic touch, and deep cleansing coupled with massage on the face, scalp, neck, shoulders, hands, and feet.
Ultimate care and skin analysis as well as post skin care protocol is included. We also clean up your brows while you are in your session so you look your best. Our trademark is that clients leave with a glorious glow, not with a red bruised face.

Bodywork OR Skincare ( booked per hourly rate)

Services can be bundled to save you time | Group prices available
Day rates may apply | Additional costs for travel, setup and equipment may apply.

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