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Birth Blessing

Birth Blessing

Picture your closest loving circle of women, gathering around you the new- to- be birth mother, as we send you loving energy and beaming welcoming vibrations to your new perfect and precious child.

In solidarity, as womb creators of life, we stand together to celebrate this true natural miracle of nature, giving you our support and instilling strength into your upcoming birthing journey.

Allow me to act as master of ceremonies for this blessed gathering, infusing my experience as a holistic practitioner, mother, friend and sister, curating your ceremony with varied ancient and modern mother blessing rituals, to create and lead a beautiful and loving right of passage circle experience, honouring and nourishing you, in your new role. It is my honour to serve in this way, and to participate in the event.

Please reach out directly to me for a consultation, including details, options and pricing.


I invite you to explore my Spa and wholistic lifestyle service offerings, where your infant and or child are welcome to be with you during your treatment time if you need. I am flexible with you in our booking timing to ensure you are well nurtured in my care.

Birth Doula services : Coming soon

With honour, dear abundant blessed sister, 1love, Aniko.

*Compassionate pricing may apply to you, please reach me to explore.

*prices not including applicable taxes or voluntary gratuities

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