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Aniko Farkas

Aniko Farkas

Aniko is an integrative and trauma-informed holistic practitioner, nutrition therapist and coach. Her unique, mixed-modality approach is the culmination of 20 years’ knowledge and experience in a beauty-mind-body coalescence wellness perspective.

Aniko is a practical resource, a bridge between medical clinician and patients diagnosed as requiring lifestyle changes to improve their health.

Equipped with a diverse mix of educational modalities and a calling to help others, Aniko serves to fill a gap she identified in the industry and the concept of “spiritual wellness doula” was born.

Closely collaborating with clients, taking into consideration emotional, mental and physical needs, she tailors an effective and empowering action plan that not only achieves individual health goals, but sustains them.

What is unparalleled about Aniko’s technique is that she remains engaged, supportive and available throughout the transitional journey her clients are going through. From planning stage through to achievement status, she is the compassionate and active hand supporting individuals in achieving their wellness goals.

Food as medicine

  • Meal plans
  • Food prep support
  • Whole food education
  • Nutritional therapy

Health & Wellbeing

  • Multi-style massage therapy
  • Body movement classes (adaptive yoga asana, breath work, physical training)
  • Block therapy (a fascia release technique)

Healing Spa Practitioner

  • Advanced natural aesthetics
  • Natural skincare and cosmetics
  • Essential oils and aromatherapy
  • Product composition and application
  • Natural cosmetics
  • All natural makeup artist, educator and specialist
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