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What is unique about the mobile BodyBeautyMind spa services?

The mobile spa services are carried out at the highest standar, always furnished with all setup, linens tools and curated hand picked strictly all natural products, relaxing sound, aromas, and multi-style techniques and modalities. Extra notes and recommendations are provided in each booking for post service self care as well. Our techniques are tried and tested and consistently operating, since 2006. First born in top spa and hotel suites in Toronto, Canada, catering to knowledgeable travelers as well as VIP and celebrity clients, the uniquely designed BodyBeautyMind experiences are noted and top quality.

Services are performed in unconventional, one of a kind, holistic, and luxurious both in method and presentation, coupled with the utmost professional delivery. Treatments are most nurturing while providing ultimate comfort for clients, and service results are effective as well as memorable.

How to book?

Private bookings must be made via the booking page:

Client booking full name
 Date and time of service request
 The type of service desired
 How many guests will require service
 Any important, applicable notes and concerns if any, as well as any allergies and or contraindications for any service

Bookings based on availability. Once we confirm a booking, we are a dependable resource to follow through.

Request pricing in your area and book an appointment via our contact page


– Holistic “Body-work” Massage –

Incorporates styles of Swedish + deep tissue + Shiatsu + Acupressure + Compressions + Thai Stretch & Mobilization affecting the body’s surface & deep tissues. This sequence works on the body’s meridian lines, chakras, organs & nervous system. Essential oils can/ may be used based upon request (Please specify any sensitivity).

– Holistic “Skin-care” Facials –

Customized for the client. No machines used, just intentional and focused manual hand compressing, movement and natural tools. We use a high quality varied curation of natural + fresh food product & ingredients incorporating rhythmic touch, and deep cleansing coupled with massage on the face, scalp, neck, shoulders, hands, and feet.

Ultimate care and skin analysis as well as post skin care protocol is included. We also clean up your brows while you are in your session so you look your best. Our trademark is that clients leave with a glorious glow, not with a red bruised face.

Bodywork OR Skincare (booked per hourly rate)

– The “Hybrid”- our Signature treatment!!!! –

Luxurious + customized. Includes the signature holistic full body massage + a holistic Facial; sequenced in our unique, rhythmic BodyBeautyMind style. Popular, and adored by everyone who enjoys this style of service and delivery. An impressive and memorable treatment.
2 hrs

– Foot + Nail Care –

Includes Soak + exfoliation + detailed cuticle and callous recovery+ a detailed hand/ foot massage using an exquisite all natural products + polish application/ shine buffing

Hands 30-45 mins / Feet 30min -1 hour ( service times based on what you need and how much time you have)
*Ask for our signature lie down mani/pedi and we add a massage for your head, neck and shoulders= divine!

– Makeup –

Kits consists of varied carefully selected top industry and holistic products; Customized to suit client needs, all bookings include online consultation by request.

Enhancement / daytime / bridal party
Business profile / Personal image
Event / Glam / Red Carpet
Broadcast / TV / Film / Commercial / Set

– Hair –

Hair is best pre washed and left wet for all styling services, however hair is preferably left dry and not washed the same day, for up- do bookings.

Blow- dry
Blow- dry w curls / Flat iron finish
Partial up- do
Broadcast / TV / Film / Commercial / Set

Services can be bundled to save you time | Group prices available
Day rates may apply | Additional costs for travel, setup and equipment may apply.



Current studio location is in Jordan Station, Niagara Wine Country, at our family bed and breakfast property The Orchard Croft Boutiue Country Retreat.


“The Studio” is a private and unique “Spa Suite”. Current studio location is in Jordan Station, Niagara Wine Country, at our family bed and breakfast property The Orchard Croft Boutiue Cuntry Retreat. Here, the menu has a reduced price -point to accommodate students,elders, industry and neighbourhood regulars, as well as friends.


In true “Spa Suite” style, The Studio can serve both as a relaxation space, and as a prep-space for getting ready to go to an event, or an appearance.

Use the laptop, pick your music from my varied playlist, or simply bring your own music for your time. Charge your own batteries while you charge your smartphone. Here, you are even allowed to keep your phone on during your spa time. It’s all about what how you need to use your time out. Enjoy herbal tea, some healthy snacks, or indulge! You can even bring some wine ( limited consumption during spa treatment is in effect)

Kick back, focus on yourself, and decompress in your private “spa suite studio” time. Mix and match services the way you like it.

The goal is to guide you to achieve balance, by relaxing the mind, aligning the body and projecting beauty.

Bookings are by appointment only | To book the studio and to request the current available service listings and more info, please email me and in the subject title use code : THESTUDIO. Send me all other request details in email body.

Thank you for your support friends and neighbours!
With all my love and appreciation,

Aniko ( founder and creator of BodyBeautyMind)


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