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Peace of BodyBeautyMind

Peace of BodyBeautyMind

This supportive and affirming program, designed for you based on an individual intensive lifestyle and mindset consultation, combines the holistic wellness pillars of BodyBeautyMind, including, but not limited to, self-care, self-observation, conscious choice, spiritual and natural healing wisdom, beauty beyond the ego, seasonal cycles, and body – mind connectivity.

Included is a carefully-curated custom script composed of a blend of ethical, natural products, fresh food skincare recipes, raw and natural ingredients (e.g. body salts, herbal teas, carrier and essential oils). Complemented by physical therapies such as physical movement based exercises, meditation and or affirmation resources and stress reduction, and oxygenating breath work. Other elements include intention-setting and natural lifestyle knowledge to create an optimal and environmental synergistic routine to nourish your body, beauty, mind, and spirit.

Prescriptions are based on a seasonal theme, with a primary focus each month.

Programs include:
Intake assessment, Routines and protocols, knowledge based resources, functional nutrition recommendations, Recipes, mindset and wellbeing resources, all tailored to your personal needs, with optional modifications. Weekly virtual check-in included.

Members of the program also receive:
Access to one monthly virtual BeWellness
Reduced rates via compassionate pricing on all of my other services including talking time via my spiritual wellness “doula” based support.

$150 paid upfront ( includes a 30 min initial virtual consultation )

Spiritual Wellness Doula

In need of a trustworthy, non-judgemental guide to help you navigate your wellness journey? Someone to hold space for your healing challenges or concerns? Just as a doula is trained to assist and support the perinatal process, I assist and support your holistic health. After meticulously identifying gaps in the care system, I serve as the bridge between diagnosis, medical or therapeutic suggestions, your individual lifestyle, and physical and emotional needs. Confidential and trauma-based support is available to you at your convenience.

We collaboratively create a clear path of action, helping you with any obstacles you might face, improving your mindset, strengthening communication, calming your mind and empowering you to achieve your goals.

The challenges a patient faces vary, from fears you may face, discussing how to talk to your family members, or relating to a partner as you make lifestyle changes. Nothing is too complex or too mundane for me to support as a confidential listener or results-driven strategist for your spiritual well-being. I am passionate about providing supportive protocols and practices which may include self-care, having your voice heard, meditation, and other supportive self-nurturing tools.

$50 / 30 min virtual
$70/ hour virtual
$120 / pair virtual

Compassionate pricing may apply please reach me to explore if you need that.

Buying Power

This service has been created due to ongoing requests by dear clients who are sharing with me that some are feeling a little overwhelmed to interact with the process of where to source, and more specifically as to how to choose brands, products, tools, foods and ingredients you need for your well-being.

The key element here is that you do want to have all of the right items in your home or work space so you can stick to your health conscious journey.

We may have already created some plans for you, or you may be entirely independent in your path, yet you simply are having a challenge with finding time to buy the right items with your schedule. Well, good news is, I have got you covered!
I invite you to reach out to me for your shopping support.

All sourcing is within your budget, and as always, striving to source from local fresh ethical natural and small producers, as much as we can.
Together, we contribute to conscious buying power! That, is something to feel great about.

We have an intake form exchange and a chat, and then I’m off to take this off your hands.


Virtual: includes my sourcing and purchasing plus arranging delivery


Mobile :

Includes my sourcing, ordering and /or physical buying, arranging delivery to you and or pick up and I deliver to you. ( delivery available pending your GEO location)

$35-$50/ hour

Shop with me:

We meet and go shopping together! I teach you how I make the right choices for your needs in-store and/ or virtually as we shop together and I share my trade secrets. You’ll have this down and feel confidant post our time.

$75- $100 / hour

( Range is pending the type of products we are exploring & their required educational content)

*Package and bundle pricing is available.

*Please email directly so we can explore and create the ideal plan for you.

* additional travel and or delivery fees may apply

Prices seen are strictly for my time, and do not include the cost of sourced products tools or foods or materials you are purchasing. These costs are extra.

*Compassionate pricing may apply to you, please reach me to explore.
* prices not including applicable taxes or voluntary gratuities

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