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Block Therapy

Block Therapy

Block therapy is one of the most effective self -healing tools and modalities I have come across in my life, to date.

Working with it is active, yet restorative.

It is a deeply healing body therapy method which works on the fascia system in our bodies.

Fascia is a system that runs all over our bodies from our head to our toes. We are literally all covered in fascia. To put the context on the weight of this system, for us in the body therapy communities, it truly is seen as the missing link for achieving effective healing, as a whole.

Working with this system brings one into a deep state of self-awareness, and it lends space to face the intensity of our body’s tissues, connective systems, organs as well as the fascinating and very real emotional pain- body connection.

Working with these systems in awareness provides us with an opportunity to release adhesions and restrictions both physically and emotionally.

The technique also brings one into their breath, therefore it is also a very effective stress management tool.

The deep release technique occurs whilst lying on, and or propping one self in very specific yet simple to perform poses onto a one of a kind wooden block. As one stays on each area to work with releasing and melting fascia restrictions. The activity is partly meditation, exercise and massage and therapy infused all in one.

All movements are for all levels of fitness, and modifications for more comfort can also be adapted to those who needs.

Explore more about the benefits of block therapy on specific conditions

Please contact me directly to work with me to help you create your own routines with your block

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